Dance On With This Awesome Choreography From Yanis Marshall


I was talking to a girl I met last week about how I watch YouTube for work all day, and she excitedly proclaimed how much she loves watching dance videos and started listing off the ones she watches the most and I realized…we don’t really talk about dance videos enough here.

But dance videos are some of the (many, many) things YouTube is fantastic for, and we’re doing you, ourselves, and the world at large a disservice by not drawing attention to some of the greatest. Or funniest, for that matter.

So today, we bring you someone who manages to make dance vids both great AND funny: Yanis Marshall.

Yanis is an accomplished choreographer and dancer, having performed on television and in musicals, competed in Britain’s Got Talent, and, of course, created a YouTube channel that currently claims nearly 600,000 subscribers.

Yanis’s videos feature him and his friends dancing (surprise!), often to popular songs, and often in high heels. And I mean really high heels. It’s damn impressive. Some of the videos are shot in a dance studio, and others take on more of a music video quality, with different locations and close ups and costume changes. But they’re all impressive. And yes, I used the word impressive again because you know what? It’s accurate.

Watch all of this talented fellow’s videos, no question, but here are some of his most popular ones to start you off:

Dancing to a Spice Girls compilation? (Don’t) stop right now, thank you very much!

This is the Beyoncé medley and routine that launched Yanis into the mainstream spotlight during Britain’s Got Talent. (And got him a shout out from Queen Bey herself!)

His choreography to Britney’s “Womanizer” is awesome as is, but watching him teach it to all these other people and seeing it performed en masse is even more awesome.

Yanis and his friends OWN the stage in this self-proclaimed “gayest medley ever” performance for the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

I had never heard this song before and I don’t really know what’s happening but I will watch it any time it’s presented to me, no question.

Could YOU dance like that in high heels? What are some of your favorite dance videos on YouTube? Share! And make your friends’ feet hurt just by watching. Ow.