Day of the Dead: 5 Latin Creators To Watch

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So Halloween is in the books and Thanksgiving is up next, right? Wrong! This is one of the most important days in Latin culture, Dia de Muertos, so let’s show some respect to our friends to the South.

The holiday is a time when Latin women wear makeup to look like corpses and everybody goes to feast and bring food and trinkets to their dead relatives in the cemetery. Really, it’s kind of a more family-oriented Halloween with less slutty cats. But because it’s still a holiday, and because we always want to do right by our Latino (and Latina) readers, here are five Spanish-inspired creators worth checking out:

5. EnchufeTV

The beauty of physical comedy is that it translates into any language.

4. TJ Javo

I don’t understand a damn word of it, but there are plenty of self-explanatory pretty pictures to look at.

3. Crafty Chica

An art channel — which we need to cover more of — by Kathy Cano-Murillo that celebrates Hispanic art culture and crafts.

2. Ernesto Rodriguez (“Sir Nube Negra”)

Learn to speak Dominican the easy way with this English/Spanish channel!

1. Canal Nostalgia

We’ve pitched him before, but we happen to really like what this South American creator brings to the table.


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