Dennis Minor Takes Over The Internet With His Voice

Dennis Minor, the humble ‘hillbilly’, was featured in a video showing off his singing skill for the first time, and he’s awesome!

Music channel Shedd Studios recently did their buddy Dennis Minor a solid by setting up some time in the booth and record him singing. According to the video they released, Minor had “always wanted to try to record himself singing”, and he had never sang for anyone else prior to the recording session.

Based on the video it looks like he nailed it, but some people think it was only with the help of smoke and mirrors AKA auto-tune and other pitch correction software.

The video of Minor hit the Reddit front page this morning under the titles ‘Hillbilly Tries Singing Buble’. The comment section exploded with allegations of auto-tuning, and in OP stepped in to explain both the pitch correction and the title he chose:


He even offered to post the un-corrected vocal stem as proof, and then posted it!

To me, it seems like the guy is still pretty damn good even without the correction. I can’t wait to see what he does next!


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