Do Facebook Video Fans Enjoy Different Content Than YouTubers?

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This whole Facebook Video versus YouTube thing might be a non-issue if a bunch of ducks are any indicator. Instead, this whole she-bang might just be a butter side up/butter side down matter of preference instead of an actual competition. Can the two services truly exist in the same narrow world?

The video which perhaps indicates all that, which is called “People Being Awesome,” shows humans rescuing ducks from various plights — most frequently while the waterfowl are trying to cross heavily-trafficked roads. It was put out by Animals Australia, an activist group trying to end the shooting of ducks for recreational joy in the Victoria region. At the end of the video, full of cute and feels-inspiring moments, a terse message reads: “You know what’s not awesome? Shooting ducks for ‘fun’.”

So why is this video a potential “dove of peace” between the new (Facebook Video) and the established (YouTube)? Because people on YouTube seem not to give a damn about this video, while on Facebook, it is the viral event of the season. With over 90 million views and 2 million shares over the last couple of days on Facebook, you’d expect a similar response from YouTube. The same video on YouTube though only has (as of this writing) 6,532 views. Say what?

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Can it be possible that the two video aggregators can coexist simply through matters of preference? Can a happy medium be reached by the simple reason of people on the two services enjoying different content? Can the world be as simple and lovely as the content of this video: people being awesome?

Well … maybe. Obviously there are a lot of factors at play here: the chief one being that mirror videos might be siphoning the views away. Another consideration is that the footage of these ducks being saved is all sourced from YouTube in the first place. Maybe YouTube is just tired of this stuff?

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Obviously it’s too soon to tell (it’s not too soon to write headlines that postulate that notion though). But it warrants keeping an eye on the situation. Imagine a world in which sentimental duck-loving wonks kept to their side of the pond and us badass recreation duck-shooting monsters enjoyed our darkhearted YouTube stuff? What a world that would be …


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