Do You Want To Meet Stan Lee? Prove It.

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You’ve been calling yourself Stan Lee’s biggest fan for a while now. You might be, but then again, you might just be another rank amateur trying to lay claim to a crown that you can’t even touch. Well guess what? This here’s the battlegrounds, son … also, ma’am.

Stan Lee wants to meet his biggest fan … and that might just be you. Sure, you’ve never broken into his house and wore his underwear on your head, but you’ve probably done some other obsessive things. Maybe you’ve read everything he’s ever put ink to? Maybe you have a Stan Lee tattoo over your heart? On your face? Or you watched an entire episode of Stripperella? If so, Stan wants to hear about it.

Teaming POW! Entertainment with LiveJournal, Stan Lee is holding an essay contest wherein you get to detail just what makes you his biggest fan. Now this isn’t some sissy-ass contest where you tell him about how he inspired you to do something with your life or to walk again, so leave the sentimental crap out of it … unless you think you can win with it …

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“Over the years I’ve met thousands of fans and comic lovers at conventions worldwide, and I’m always amazed at how passionate they truly are,” said Stan Lee. “Partnering with LiveJournal has given us the platform we needed to enable fans worldwide to share their passions and prove why they should win a chance to sit face to face with me. So come on troops, show us what you’ve got!”

Because I want you to win so you can take me as your +1, I’ve decided to give you a few pointers:

DON’T write it like a comic book — EVERYONE will be thinking that same thing.
DON’T include a sexy photo of yourself UNLESS you are actually sexy.
DON’T think you are sexy just because your mom tells you that you are. Actually be sexy.
DON’T tell him if you did break into his house and wear his underwear on your head. That’s a secret for you and you alone. Also, your psychiatrist.
DON’T write something lame. Make it badass! Make it count! This is your one shot … mom’s spaghetti and all that …

Winners get an expenses-paid (not ALL expenses paid — Stan’s not going to buy you a goddamn t-shirt from The Gap) trip for two to Los Angeles to kick it with Stanny boy himself.

Got it?

Now here are them rules you knew be comin’:

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Good Luck. Just know that Stan Lee is counting on you to not f**k this up. You can enter here.

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