Draw My News Superfight: Batman v. Superman v. Ethics

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When it comes to the discussion of ethics, you really can’t do better than Superman and Batman to spearhead both sides of the discussion. Batman stands for the darkness of the human soul, Superman stands for altruism — it’s poignant, really.

There have been a glut of faked social experiments on YouTube recently — an unfortunate trend in that it pulls focus from real issues? Or does it? Thank heavens we’ve got the Caped Crusader and the flying space orphan to debate the merits of morality and ethics on this edition of Draw My News.

Hundreds of years ago, we might have gathered in some portico to listen to Aristotle debate his mentor Socrates over the notion of right vs. wrong in society. Nowadays we get to sit in our underwear at home and watch to fictional superheroes fight our moral battles. F**k yeah, progress!

Who’s right? Who wins? You decide! Epic Logic Battles of NMR!

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