Enjoy Thanksgiving Carols With Meghan Trainor

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.45.05 PM

It’s almost that horrible time of year when Christmas music becomes acceptable to play for basically an entire month, but not quite yet. NOT QUITE YET.

For those of you who just HAVE to get into some sort of holiday spirit via music, but respect the boundaries between Thanksgiving and Christmas and don’t want to trample over the former to get to the latter until Black Friday officially begins, Meghan Trainor and Jimmy Kimmel have come up with a solution.

Or, an infomercial for a solution, at least.

This video for “Meghan Trainor’s Thanksgiving Carols” highlights faux Thanksgiving hits that are relatable yet oddly specific, allowing Trainor to sing about racist relatives, awkward rides to the airport, and other holiday staples.

It’s an album that you almost wish existed, if only for the ridiculousness. But at least we have this much. For now.


Do you wish there were more songs about Thanksgiving? Which artist would you want to release a Thanksgiving album? Let us know and share!