Epic Meal Empire Returns For A Next Level Thanksgiving


Mark your calendars, because Epic Meal Empire is returning to television in just a few short days. The TV spin-off of YouTube’s Epic Meal Time is back with new episodes on November 14th. The show, which stars Harley Morenstein and the Epic Meal Time crew, is back just in time to pig out for Thanksgiving. Harley is setting aside his Canadian roots to throw an Epic American-style Thanksgiving dinner for all his friends left behind in L.A. over the Thanksgiving holiday. And when we say pig out, we mean literally. The teaser features an epic Thanksgiving meal sandwiched between two roast pigs. Just as our Pilgrim ancestors would have done if they had access to a production studio, industrial-sized smokers, and the mad culinary genius of Harley Morenstein.

Epic Meal Empire airs on A&E ‘s lifestyle spinoff, the FYI network. A&E ordered 16 episodes of Epic Meal Empire from Epic Meal Time and Collective Digital Studios. The show has been on hiatus since September, but will return with its final four episodes just in time for the Holiday season. Check out the teaser clip and set your DVR for 10pm on Friday, November 14th


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