Epic Rap Battles: Season Four Premiere Dusts The ‘Busters’

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Epic rap has just returned to YouTube

Kicking off their fourth season of Epic Rap Battles of History, NicePeter and EpicLloyd have dropped bombs on two of the most beloved pop culture franchises of all time: the Ghostbusters and the Mythbusters.

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Adam and Jamie take on Ray, Winston, Egon and Peter along with their giant marshmallow friend to determine who wears the best beret on the planet. Sorry Jamie.

ERB is an institution of YouTube now, so it’s a relief to see that as time goes on, the schtick gets sharper, the raps get smarter and everything gets the love it deserves. When NMR inevitably creates the YouTube Hall of Fame, Epic Rap Battles should be a shoo-in for the initial class.

I don’t know how Epic Rap Battles Season Four gets better than Ghostbusters v. Mythbusters, but somehow, I have no doubt that it will.


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