Fans Surprise Olan Rogers With 10K Indiegogo After Accident!


One of my admittedly favorite vloggers, Olan Rogers, was in a car accident recently. An Indiegogo campaign was started by a fan to raise money for a new vehicle and it has reached its goal!

Now it should be noted that Rogers asked fans, not once but twice, to stop donating to the campaign as his insurance company would handle the replacement of his car.

The first time, the Indiegogo was at $186. After Rogers asked people to stop donating then, it jumped to being very close to 3K.

The next morning it hit its goal of $10,000.

During all the shenanigans, Rogers always kept his fans in mind to make sure they weren’t being used. In order to dispel these rumors, he wrote this very transparent post on the events at hand:

In the end, while torn, Rogers is choosing to accept the fund. Any excess will either be donated, used towards a scholarship program he runs, or towards a “thank you, (biggest) free pizza with live music party anyone has ever seen in Nashville, TN.”


Share Rogers’ success with all your friends and send him a hearty congratulations!