Feast Your Eyes On These Delicious Thanksgiving Vines

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Hopefully you’re not tired of #Thanksgiving because NMR isn’t and Vine for damn sure isn’t. Since we got stuffed on stuffing and cranberry sauce yesterday — like most of you probably — today we’ve decided to make the six-second video platform the centerpiece of our Friday after-feast. But also, since Thanksgiving is a time of sharing, there’s no reason we shouldn’t extend to you the spoils of our feast. Of course, in exchange for this, we are going to steal your lands, enslave your peoples and portray you as villains and savages in our Westerns. Fair trade, right? Thought so. Enjoy these Thanksgiving Vines fully because they come at a high price.

Rebecca Donahue — No Regrets


Zach Evans — Thankful

Alex Giguere — Thanksgiving Parade Fail


Lady Gaga — Love You

Sophia — Food

OneHellofACiel — Whipped Cream

Ryan Markey — Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday

Blake Lee — How Poor People Cook Turkey

Benjamin Nelson — Wrong Family

Za.ra — Day After Thanksgiving


Share these fine Vines because, you know, Thanksgiving and all that.