Frederator Network Pairs With Sony Animation To Hatch Cartoons

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“Incubator” is the hot new word in YouTube. Once, it was tech companies that were seeded with funding from larger companies, which allowed them to grow or die as Fortuna’s wheel deemed. Now YouTubers are being incubated, that is to say, bathed in the glow of companies giving them money to make their dream projects happen. Previously, we detailed the hell out of New Form Digital and their incubation project, creating short films around the term “curiosity.” Now it is the YouTube animators who get to feel the warming glow of outside funding.

Sony Animation, a subsidy of Sony Pictures Entertainment, has teamed with legendary Fred Seibert’s legendary Frederator animation network to fund a series of short animated projects. The new entity, Go! Cartoons, will fund 12 five-minute short films, slated for release in Fall of 2015. As with New Form Digital’s incubator project, there will be a contest component to the Ok! Cartoons funding. One of the 12 projects will be selected as a new series for the Cartoon Hangover channel.

Frederator, founded by Seibert, who in addition to many, many other projects now put out the hip Simon’s Cat series on YouTube as well as creating the Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time on, um, traditional media, is an excellent launching pad for newer animators. Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter’s Laboratory was found through one of Seibert’s earlier initiatives.

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“This is a great opportunity for Sony Pictures Animation to find new talent that might not emerge from more traditional platforms,” said Bob Osher, president of Sony Pictures Digital Prods to Variety.


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