FREE Content For New Smosh Mobile Game! NMR Contest

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Remember when Smosh was only something you could access from your computer and even then, only if you had internet? Well, no more, suckers!

NMR is proud to introduce: Smosh, the mobile game! Actually, it’s called Food Battle: The Game and it just dropped on iOS and Android today! So now you can interact with Smosh even when you’re supposed to be sleeping, in class, or on a smuggled-in phone while you are in jail!

Developed in part with RoadHouse and funded by you, the crowd, Food Battle is an adventure game for the true Smosh-fanatic!

From Smosh’s release:

The free-to-play, action adventure game puts players in Anthony’s shoes in a quest to defend the village of Tickputt against invading donut minions with food-based weapons such as a “Celery Sword,” “Burrito Bomb” and “Egg Roll Hammer.” Food Battle: The Game is set in a fictional world containing the most popular characters from SMOSH. In order to vanquish the invading horde of mutant homicidal donuts, players must collect stars and food items, unlock eight powerful food weapons, fight enemies, and solve puzzles to advance through all the quests and discover what is ultimately behind the sugary menace. Each character in the game is voiced by Ian, Anthony or other voices from the SMOSH family, including Ian’s mom.

Dang, right? You’ll be the most popular guy/girl or gender neutral person in class/home/prison with this game at your fingertips!

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So what are you doing still sitting there? People will be retweeting while you’re still reading this. Seriously, stop reading, start retweeting. Also, make sure you download the game or these codes won’t do you a bit of good.

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