Garth Brooks Calls YouTube ‘The Devil’

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Apparently YouTube has friends in very low places … Hell, if country music superstar Garth Brooks is to be believed.

The musician, in an interview with Access Hollywood, stated quite frankly: “And I’m telling you, the devil – nice people, but YouTube. Oh my gosh,” Garth exclaimed. “They claim they pay people. They’re not paying anything either and people are getting millions and millions and millions of views and they don’t get squat. Trust me.”

Garth then said you can talk to the YouTube people about getting your music removed, but to no avail.

“Yeah, you can do it. But you can’t get out of it. I had a sweet meeting with them. They were all fired up. They’re the sweetest… and they’re all like 12,” he joked. “I had the first question: ‘How do you get out?’ Silence. You don’t.”

Brooks also has umbrage with streaming music in general mostly — iTunes and the like. Of course it should be noted that he started his own digital streaming service GhostTunes in September, so he’s not totally pure in his motivations to get his music out of digital streaming.

And as for not getting paid, I think Harley Morenstein definitely disagrees.

So who is right? Who knows? YouTube allegedly isn’t commenting on the specifics, so for the time being, make up your own damn mind. To be fair, he doesn’t have any official videos on the site — it’s all fan uploads and lyrics videos. But YouTube cracked down pretty hard on all the gamers a while back, so one has to believe they have the ability to do something.


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