#GentlemanUp: Made Man Teams With Rob Riggle, Smosh

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You’re already growing a mustache for charity, how ’bout you suit up as well? Rob Riggle, Smosh, Paul F. Tompkins, Greg Benson and Dodge have all teamed up with Defy Media’s Made Man Channel to raise a little money for charity.

The campaign, which they call “Gentleman Up,” features Riggle in a video (embedded below) imploring men everywhere to clean up their lives and throw a suit on, for god’s sakes.

On Friday, Nov. 7 if you happen to put on a suit and take a selfie, post it to social media with the hashtags #FormalFriday or #GentlemanUp and Dodge will donate a $1 for every pic. The proceeds will go to Career Gear, a goodly organization that helps down-on-their-luck men get business wear and the lifestyle skills to find a J-O-B.

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Yup, so on Friday, while you are looking styling and taking the selfies you would take anyhow, Made Man and Co. will be facilitating that swagger into helping people. Charity and shit.

So where do Smosh, Paul F. Tompkins and Greg Benson enter into this? They’ll also be creating videos or throwing a little support in the direction of this effort — so watch out for that stuff, wouldja?


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