Get the Taylor Swift Experience With Her New App!


Next time you’re stuck at a bus station or waiting for a meeting, instead of whipping out your phone to play Candy Crush or 2048 or refresh Twitter over and over and over again, consider checking out this captivating new app from Taylor Swift: Unstaged Taylor Swift Experience.

The app (which is free) is an immersive, choose-your-own-adventure style journey through Taylor’s music video for her single “Blank Space.” If you haven’t watched the video (above), you can opt to do so when you start the app up. After you watch, or if you choose not to, it then runs through the instructions, including the nifty ability to change your perspective of whatever room you’re in simply by moving your phone, and starts the song.


You’re given the length of “Blank Space” to explore any part of the mansion (featured in the video) that you want. You can follow Taylor and her boy toy around as their relationship kicks off and quickly devolves, much like in the music video itself, or you can follow one of several minor characters and see what they’re up to, or you can just look around and uncover details and cool hidden features. Heck, there’s even a piano in one of the rooms you can play during the song, which makes for some…dissonance, really.


Once the song finishes, you’re given some sort of video conclusion based on wherever you end up in the house, and rinse, repeat, you’re given the option to start all over again. And with the different stories to follow, along with 41 hidden gems within the game relating to Taylor’s life, you will. Oh, you will.


These kinds of apps are really awesome at first, but the novelty tends to run out after you’ve explored them a few times. Fortunately, within the next week or two, we can expect to see some sort of update and additional content for this app, rather than it just being left as is. Looking forward to it!

And as someone who’s also looking forward to the day when this sort of “explore for yourself” technology is applied to longer form traditional visual media, like movies, to enhance the story and give the viewer multiple ways to experience it, I’m pretty psyched to see this step towards that future.

And damn if it isn’t a catchy song. I guess you could say she’s…swiftly winning us all over.

I’ll see myself out. And into the mansion on my phone! Much more exploring to be done!

Have you downloaded the app? What other music videos do you think something like this would work well for? Share with your friends so they can have the Taylor Swift experience, too!

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