Get Weird With Gary C (and His Puppet)


Gary C, aka CheekTV, has some strange YouTube videos. A lot of things with puppets. Specifically, a puppet named Cheeky.

But what’s the point of YouTube if not weird stuff, right?

Sure, with over 150 videos, I guess not all of Gary’s stuff should necessarily be qualified as odd. Or, rather, not all of it involves puppets. He’s got traditional vlogs, challenges, collabs with other Brits, covers… the list goes on and on. And it’s some cool stuff. Yes, even the weird bits. Okay, probably especially the weird bits.

We’ll start you off with some of Gary’s awesomest videos so you can see if you want to join the ranks of his subscribers. (Hint: you do.)


This battle between the 80s and 90s.

This confessional of “social media blunders” with SprinkleOfGlitter.

This… is one of the weirder things you will probably see today.

This spoof of fan favorite show Sherlock.

This Chatroulette adventure with a puppet.

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