#GiveaBook: Think Ice Bucket Challenge That Doesn’t Kill People

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Every time some trend becomes a part of the cultural zeitgeist, we get a flood of imitators trying to ape it, not understanding that once an event has happened, it cannot successfully be repeated. You must create your own event. But that isn’t stopping Penguin Random House from trying.

Starting November 29 — Small Business Saturday — the company is going to donate a free book to Save the Children, a non-profit that will gift the books to less fortunate children, every time someone uses the hashtag #GiveaBook. So really your Twitter feeds should read like: #GiveaBook #GiveaBook #GiveaBook #GiveaBook #GiveaBook #GiveaBook #GiveaBook

Of course, they’re only going up to 25,000 books, but there’s no reason we can’t attempt to get all 25,000 books moved in a single day. So how is this like the Ice Bucket Challenge without the accidental death involved? Glad you asked.

There is also a video component to the #Giveabook program: Film a video where you recommend a book that you are giving to a friend and challenge three people to do the same.

Shameless plug time: Though my new book released by Penguin Random House, L.A. Rotten, won’t be out in time for this (releases May 2015), you can gift another book of mine, The Dead Janitors Club (fair warning: it’s a MEAN book) to everyone you know! Celebs such as Nick Offerman and Mike Tyson have already filmed videos dedicating books and challenging people.

Even though these promotions never quite take off like they’re supposed to, this is a great cause that benefits getting people to read more! Also it benefits children, charity, social media and, potentially, your ol’ pal Jeff Klima. The charity runs through Dec. 24th, but you can start the video portion … NOW!


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