Gorgeous Music Video Composed Of Over 3,000 Paintings!

The Sea The Sea teamed up with artist Zachary Johnson to create a beautiful music video of New York comprised of over 3,000 hand painted oil paintings.

I’m not going to lie, Zachary Johnson has been a favorite painter of mine for the past couple of years. His pieces remind me of a city in the rain or on the move.

When this video came out I was not only impressed by the volume of work but the level of detail each frame has in order to give the video that gritty, hand-held camera feel. The video itself is comprised of exactly 3,454 oil paintings on paper.

Zachary Johnson has done hand painted animation before teaming up with cousin and “Looper” director Rian Johnson to create an animated trailer for the aforementioned film:

I honestly can’t wait to see what Johnson has in store for us next!


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