Grab Your Debit Card, Funny Or Die For Sale


If you’re like me, then the only problem you have with online comedy video emporium Funny Or Die is that it’s always funny and no one ever dies. If so, then I’ve got a deal for you.  Funny or Die is reportedly on the auction block and I’m pretty sure if we pool all the loose change stuck between our couch cushions we could just about grab it. According to Bloomberg the company has hired a financial adviser to plan the sale and is eying a pricetag somewhere between $100 – $300 million. I’ve already been denied for an advance on my next 100,000 paychecks so this is going to have to be a team effort.

Funny or Die was founded by actor/comedians Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Hency. Originally a digital home for sketches staring Ferrell and friends Funny or Die into a familiar media brand that hosts some of the most popular content on the web. It’s most popular video “The Landlord” featured McKay’s own daughter as Pearl, a drunken toddler landlord who harasses Ferrell over his past-due rent. Since those early days the site has gained a reputation as the place for celebrities to go to poke fun at and thus distance themselves from their recent mistakes, like Oprah only entertaining. Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have both visited Funny or Die, as did Rebecca Black when she wanted to prove that she was in on the joke of her first viral hit “Friday”


Funny or Die has seen it’s most recent endeavors grow well beyond the realm of one-off viral hits. Between Two Ferns the mock interview show hosted by actor Zach Galafinakis recently scored President Obama as a guest, and Funny or Die produced shows like Drunk History and recent creation @Midnight have successfully transitioned from the web to TV. With web video companies like Maker Studios, Fullscreen, and Stylehaul all fetching tidy sums over the last year it’s likely that Funny Or Die will earn substantial bank as well.

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