Has Facebook Really Stolen 40 Percent Of YouTube’s Audience?

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Facebook has just become Freddy Krueger to YouTube

Once a fictional boogeyman, now the massive social media hub is invading the nightmares of YouTube and becoming a very real threat. According to the Business Insider, Facebook has taken 40 percent of YouTube’s video audience. How they arrived at that number is slightly dodgy — it is all calculated off of one viral video for a British department store. But it is eye-opening to say the least.

John Lewis, a major UK store that routinely sees its holiday ads go viral, is the focus of B.I.’s hypothesis because their Christmas ad goes viral every year. And Facebook has been offering videos for only this year. So last year, Facebook had none of the view/revenue pie for the John Lewis ad. This year, they’ve taken a sizable chunk away from YouTube.

B.I. writer Lara O’Reilly sums it up thusly: “YouTube still dominated in terms of views — 4.1 million views to Facebook’s 2.8 million views. But even so, that still means 40 (percent) of John Lewis’ views are now on Facebook, when last year there was none. This time around, Facebook is actually dominating in terms of social-media shares. As of 9 a.m. Friday, the Facebook video had been shared 156,063 times, while the YouTube video had been shared just 46,890 times. So Facebook attracted 76.9 (percent) of the shares in the first 24 hours.”

She even included this handy pie chart:

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2014 Percentage of shares in first 24 hours

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2014
Percentage of shares in first 24 hours

So what does it all mean? It means that YouTube finally has a real rival. Its been documented that Facebook is attempting to lure major YouTube creators away, so will the convenience of a one-stop shop on the internet be the nail that seals YouTube’s coffin? Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration at this point, but you know YouTube (who never comments about this ongoing stuff) is feeling the heat bigtime.


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