Hello Denizen’s Hamster Thanksgiving: Don’t Pass This Holiday Treat

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 2.52.34 PM

Hamsters aren’t supposed to celebrate people holidays! This is crazy!

Popular YouTube channel Hello Denizen has cornered the market on adorable animals doing adorable things ever since “Hamster On A Piano’s” Parry Gripp disappeared from the scene. Racking up over a million views for his Pilgrim’s take on the first Thanksgiving, I can only hope Hello Denizen didn’t need to use superglue or nails to keep his animals in place.

Also, I think we’re ignoring the bigger picture with this video: a lot of rodents don’t have men in pilgrim attire preparing sumptuous and tiny dinners for them this year. Perhaps when watching this video, you can pause it for a moment and give thanks for all you have been blessed with. Also, imagine how much a coyote would love to get in there and make all those creatures its Thanksgiving dinner.

If you know any hungry coyotes, share this video with them.