Honest Trailers Fries The Little Mermaid


I think most of us who grew up with The Little Mermaid have long been at least idly aware of its issues as adults. If you’re like me, that mostly meant you just avoided ever rewatching it so that you wouldn’t have to come face to face with the truth.

Well, it’s time.

For the 25th anniversary of the beloved Disney cartoon, Screen Junkies (with the help of AVbyte) tackled it for their Honest Trailers series. The great thing about Honest Trailers is their uncanny ability to ruin things you love. In that sense, they kind of serve the same function as Tumblr, only more concise and amusing.

And, yes, to be fair, the trailer only points out what’s already there. That’s why it’s called, you know, an Honest Trailer.

Go on, let go of your childhood, you poor unfortunate souls.

Well. At least we still have the TV series.
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