Five Ways YouTubers Deal With Garbage Comments


YouTube comments are pretty much universally recognized as a nightmarish garbage hole of nonsense, idiocy, and hate. While many commenters are supportive, thoughtful, and sincere there’s a reason that YouTube comments have become pop culture short-hand for “horrible hateful nonsense.” Last year YouTube even took steps to curb the awfulness of comments, forcing the integration of Google+ partially in the hope that forcing users to comment under the “real names” would reduce the amount of spam and hate speech.

The effort failed to substantially change YouTube comment climate and the video giant eventually backed down on the move, loosening its real name policies on Google+. Almost any YouTube creator will tell you that it takes both patience and fortitude to wade through the sewer of their video comments. Genuine fan comments are routinely mixed in with heavily misspelled insults, crude suggestions, and endless ad spam. So how do top YouTubers deal with vicious comment culture on the regular? We took to the ‘tubes to find out.

Just Roll With It – This video, featuring some of our favorite UK YouTubers is a great example of how to just embrace the comment madness. Alfie, Marcus, Zoe, and Louise get more than their fair share of completely insane comments and sometimes the best thing to do is shrug and laugh.

Try To Educate It – RJ Aguiar of TheNotAdam and Shep689 is one of the smartest guys on YouTube so if he believes that the commenter hordes are teachable then we have to believe him. RJ has issue a compact but comprehensive five commandments for how to be a better and more tolerable commenter. If we all lived by these simple rules YouTube, and the world, would be a better place.

Make Fun Of It – There’s no nice way to say it, a lot of commenters on YouTube are just plain dumb. We’ve all seen videos where YouTubers dismantle their most aggressive and aggressively stupid comments, but no one has refined the process to an art form quite like Jack Douglass of Jacksfilms. Jack is coming up on 100 episodes of utterly destroying commenters in his “Your Grammar Sucks” series and we’re confident that I’ll never get old.

SHUT.IT.DOWN – This is the method preferred by stars as big as Pewdiepie. The king of YouTube himself shut down comments on his videos entirely and redirected fans to the forums on his personal website in an effort to separate his true “bros” from the spammers, hate commenters, and other trolls that plagued his videos. We understand that while the number of comments he receives now is substantially lower the quality is much higher. Still, it begs the question, if the most subscribed man on YouTube doesn’t find comments useful are their days numbered?

Tell Its Mommy! – In what is possibly the greatest example of commenter management ever recorded YouTube game reviewer Alanah Pearce, better known on YouTube as Charalanahzard has been tracking down her most hateful commenters on Facebook and telling their moms what their precious little babies have been up to. So far she’s only gotten one response but it’s epic enough to warrant inclusion on this list if not a medal of some kind.


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