Is Star Wars Parody of ‘Street Harassment’ Video Offensive?

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iHollaback’s massively viral video of a woman enduring street harassment over 10 hours on an average day in NYC was so emotionally resonant that you expected it to be regurgitated with some other pop culture namecheck. And YouTubers Are We There Yet? nail it hard. Sending Star Wars’ Princess Leia out to be whistled after, taunted and harassed by jawas, Jedis and stormtroopers is done expertly — beautifully parodying the sensitive subject with a deft hand.

But is it a subject that should be parodied? Does making light of people getting harassed step into a subject matter it shouldn’t? Should harassment be off-limits for jokes?

As I see it, absolutely not. Parody brings awareness to issues that otherwise might not come. There should be nothing sacred, nothing too sensitive or off-limits for finding the humor in. It’s not easy to say that — there are some subjects that try that notion with me. But censorship isn’t the answer and never will be. Just because you don’t approve of something doesn’t mean it should be banned for everyone. This video, which might be construed as controversial, is a prime example of your free will to look away or not watch. If others don’t, well, that should be their business.


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