Jack Vale Takes The Shopping Cart Challenge


Grocery shopping is pretty much the bain of my existence. I’m counting the days until Amazon can send a robot to my house with all the food I’ll need to survive, but until then it’s great to see someone like Jack Vale injecting a little fun into the process. In his latest video Jack and his team introduce a bit of good natured chaos into the tedious grocery shopping process, distracting some unwitting shoppers while loading up their carts with unwanted items. It might sound annoying, but as one customer found out, it was just the thing to lighten the mood after a long stressful day. Check it out.



In this post-Sam Pepper age it’s great to see pros like Jack sticking to their positive pranking roots. A prank doesn’t have to be scary or pervy to be hilarious. In a perfect world everyone leaves smiling and that’s what makes Jack’s pranks pretty much perfect.


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