Jenna Marbles Ain’t Got Time For That!

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Sometimes, I feel like one of the things Jenna Marbles doesn’t have time for anymore is YouTube vlogging …

Her channel states that she makes a video every Wednesday — which to me suggests that the video comes out on Wednesdays. And yet, increasingly, fans are having to wait ‘til Thursday to get their Marbles fix. What up wit dat?

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And then, when we finally do get a video lately, it’s all this complaining. I don’t want to know about the shit you don’t have time for … you make one video a week and it’s tardy! I want to see your dogs being forced to fake hump while you give them silly voices and stuff of that ilk — the good Jenna stuff. Because you telling me that you don’t have time for things, reminds me that I really don’t have time for it.

Sorry, they were out of blueberry muffins at the bakery … I don’t know where all this came from.


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