JSnowPro Gets Girlfriend To Decide Where To Eat

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.56.52 PM

Up-and-coming YouTuber JSnowPro has hit the nail right on its motherf**king head. You can’t hit a nail any harder or more accurately. Getting a girl to decide where she wants to eat is like pulling teeth from hens or beating up a ghost — you just can’t do it. I’ve struggled with this very issue for years (and continue to — as recently as last night!). I don’t know what it is, but girls are simply impossible when it comes to food.

My trick with my wife is to get her to name three places that sound kind of good and I will then choose from one of those. Of course, that’s assuming I can even get her to decide on a genre of food. Sometimes you just have to get her to list off all the places she absolutely doesn’t want and then drive in the direction of what’s left.

Sigh. I should give JSnowPro’s method a try. Also, big props for the violence of this video — I was pleasantly delighted. No punches pulled here.


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