Justice, YouTube-Style! Motorist Uploads Damning Dash Cam Footage

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A driver in Kalamazoo, MI was sick and tired of seeing the same car break the law repeatedly — for two years straight. So he did the only logical thing in this Technological Age: he installed a dash cam and then uploaded the footage to YouTube.

A 23-minute! compilation of the same black Honda Accord using the turn lane to cheat traffic at red lights is going viral on the strength of the YouTuber’s rage. “In Kalamazoo county, MI, there is a driver who runs red lights on a daily basis. This has been going on since spring of 2012 when I first noticed this car running reds and cutting people off at the same time every day. This series of video clips is what I see on my route to work.”

Now the law has taken notice. After his inbox was flooded with links to the video from other YouTubers, Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Pali Matyas commented to Mlive.com that he was well aware of this troublemaker.

“I have seen this guy myself on Ninth Street and ON Avenue, by Arbys,” Matyas said. “You can hear the car going by, it sounds like a sick lawnmower.” He’s now commissioned an officer to investigate into charges of reckless driving. “You take (YouTube) at face value an you usually end up on the short end of the stick,” he said. “But we’re on it.” If all these add up, it will cost the driver “a chunk of change.”

“When insurance companies see that they drop you like a hot potato or jack up the rates so much there is no point in driving anymore. It’s right up there with drunk driving.”

The post, on a channel named psychastria, features numerous mentions and views of the offending driver’s license plate numbers and it allegedly isn’t necessary for the uploader to be identified or for officers to witness the incidents firsthand to begin an investigation.

I don’t know what I’m more scared of frankly: terrible drivers or vigilante justice warriors. Clearly, if this guy has been pulling this maneuver for at least two years, he’s pretty good at it. Maybe let him be?


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