K-Pop Group Under Fire For Nazi Fashion Faux Pas


File this one under questionable choices. We all thought that Miley’s twerk and Nicki’s butt were controversial, but South Korea has once again proved that American pop music can take a seat. South Korean girl band Pritz may not have the international name recognition of some of their K-Pop peers, but the foursome may be poised for global infamy of a different kind. A video making waves on Korean social media today depicts a promotional appearance at which the group wore costumes which may have been inspired by Nazi uniforms. Drawing particular criticism are red armbands with a cross logo that could, at first glance, be mistaken for a Swastika.



An official from, Pandagram, the agency which manages Pritz, issued a statement saying that the Nazi comparison “never occurred” to the organization prior to the social media backlash. According to Pandagram the symbol is a cross with four arrow heads indicating the bands desire to “to expand without a limit in four directions.” The red armband and white background are merely intended to provide contrast to the girls’ dark costumes. The agency is now looking into changing the logo.

It should be noted that K-Pop bands are heavily managed by agencies and record labels who have final authority over creative decisions and often even the group’s lineup. It’s also worth mentioning that Pritz has a new single dropping today and that courting controversy could be good for sales. A promotional teaser for the new single “Sora Sora” suggests that the band is aiming for a darker aesthetic, an image that will certainly be bolstered by association with Nazi iconography.

Nothing in the band’s background suggests that the girls are legitimate Nazi sympathizers. So is this a massive wardrobe malfunction, or just a publicity stunt designed to help Pritz stand out in the hyper competitive world of mass produced K-Pop? I guess it all depends on how well the single sells.


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