Kristen Bell Brings Christmas Early With This Song


I’ll be the first to start yelling about how it’s far too early for Christmas music. And I’ll continue doing so all the way up until maybe, MAYBE the actual week of Christmas.

But I’m a sucker for a cappella, and the entire universe is a sucker for Kristen Bell, so when a tongue-in-cheek Christmas music collab pops up between Kristen and the very talented a cappella group Straight No Chaser, it’s worth putting on your “it’s still f’ing November!” blinders and taking a look.

Texting? Long distance communication? This is one Christmas song I may actually be able to get behind. Let’s just hope they make a real video to go along with it.

When do you think Christmas songs should start playing? If you share this with your friends, it counts as a gift so you don’t actually have to get them anything for the holidays.