Let’s Play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The highly anticipated Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released at midnight last night, and the walkthroughs and let’s plays have already begun to roll in.

The game’s campaign takes place in 2054, when a terrorist organization known as the KVA initiates the first global terrorist attack by destroying several nuclear reactors in developed countries simultaneously. The devastation led to the rise of private military corporations which is where your character, Jack Mitchell, starts his journey.

Upon its release, several channels have already posted brief looks into the game, although none have completed a full walkthrough. As with any Call of Duty game, the prestige race is on. MLG is sponsoring the tournament, and first person to prestige gets $2,500. The first person to master prestige will win him or herself a cool $5,000.

Ali-A not only has done multiple videos of the game very early on, they also provided a look into both campaign and multiplayer gameplay.

Typical Gamer streamed two hours of the game live as soon as it launched.

SSSniper Wolf took us through the game through the eyepiece of her scope.

Total Biscuit, The Cynical Brit was quick to get in his port report on how the game performed on PC.

And of course, IGN released their professional look into the game’s first chapter: Induction.

Advanced Warfare is out now for the PS3/PS4 and the Xbox 360/XBox One


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