Marvel Tracks Its Latest Villain With Help From Google


Did you enjoy the trailer for Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”? I know we did, but Marvel would have been a lot happier keeping that gem to itself a bit longer. Marvel had planned to release the trailer during an episode of Agents of SHIELD, its floundering ABC show, to give the program a much-needed bump in viewership. Instead the House of Ideas was forced to rush a high-def version of the trailer onto the internet ahead of schedule after an unauthorized copy was leaked. Marvel isn’t pleased with the disruption in their schedule and they’re calling on a force more powerful than SHIELD to track down the culprit. Marvel Studios has subpoenaed Google for records concerning the identity of the suspected leaker, a user going by the name John Gazelle.



— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) October 22, 2014


Shortly after the trailer first appeared online Marvel dropped a pithy tweet blaming the leak on the villainous cabal Hydra. This pitch perfect pivot led some to believe that the leak was intentional. It’s not an uncommon practice for studios to “leak” their own trailer in order to drum up a little extra excitement, but it seems that Marvel really was caught off guard. The leaked trailer was almost immediately pulled after Marvel filed a DMCA copyright claim, but they haven’t stopped there. A California court has ordered Google to hand over the IP address and other personal information for “John Gazelle” no later than November 18th.


There’s something totally perfect about Marvel facing off against a literal masked villain responsible for stealing their secrets. Leaking classified documents and using a dramatic alias certainly has the ring of Hydra to it. Of course John Gazelle could also be another name for Latverian dictator Victor Von Doom, looking to distract America from his latest scheme, or even Magneto trying to rally support for his pro-mutant agenda. Still if we’re totally honest we’d much rather face off against the Agents of SHIELD than the all-seeing eye of Google.


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