Matthew McConaughey Has Some Interstellar Advice For #AlexFromTarget


Like Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP, the rise of #AlexFromTarget could mean anything. Is it a genuine rallying of goodwill around a pretty Texas teen? Is it a corporate hoax manufactured by the modern mad men of digital marketing? Is Alex real or fake? Or both? Is anything real? Nothing makes sense, but fortunately, this new video offers the perfect remedy for anyone suffering from an Alex-induced existential crisis. Hollywood’s own master of mystical mumbo-jumbo, Matthew McConaughey, graciously volunteered to delve into the mysteries of Alex From Target, so long as he gets to do a little promo for his latest space epic Interstellar along the way.

McConaughey is uniquely qualified to delve into Twitter maelstrom raging around #AlexFromTarget. He’s survived the first season of True Detective, proving that his brain is nimble enough to grasp even the most mind-bending dialogue and soul-shattering plot twists. He proved his mystic might with a Oscar’s speech so confusing it could only have been a powerful mind control spell, and in his most recent film, he endured possibly the most harrowing experience known to man: being trapped in a tiny spacecraft  with Anne Hathaway. There’s no one better suited to serve as personal fame shaman to a digital star-on-the-rise like Alex. Go ahead and press play; time is a flat circle, so what’s a few minutes of your day? Dive into the cosmic mystery of #AlexFromTarget — you won’t regret it.


Do you feel better? Have you achieved internet enlightenment? Of course you did. You’re welcome!


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