Matthew McConaughey, Interstellar Cast Doing Google Hangout With YouTubers

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Whatever your plans are for the 2:30 to 3:30 PST hour — cancel them. You’ve now got a date with the cast of Interstellar.

Making the most of Google Hangouts, Google+ has scored an hour-long interview with Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain live from the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday, November 5 from 2:30pm PT/5:30pm ET-3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET (which is today, knuckleheads), Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight will be interviewing the Hollywood celebs about life and the making of this incredibly badass-looking new movie.

Sound good? BUT WAIT! There’s more:

ALSO joining the Hangout will be several of the top YouTubers in the game including VSauce3, DJ Flula, Casey Neistat, Anna Akana and What’s Trending’s Shira Lazar.

Pictured: Anna Akana. Not Pictured: Everyone else.

Pictured: Anna Akana. Not Pictured: Everyone else.

And if that hasn’t sold you set, astronomer Natalie Batalha ,who is part of NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler mission, will also participate in the hangout. The Interstellar cast plus several YouTube stars plus a bonafide astronomer! This might be the Google Hangout to end all Google Hangouts!

Look, we’re not going to twist your arm. If you won’t quit your job or ditch school to make this happen, well, we guess you’re just not the fan we thought you were …

Visit to hang and submit questions for the cast.


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