MCNs FINALLY Show Up On Dailymotion — But Why?

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Could anybody possibly be later to the party than MCNs are to Dailymotion?

Whether it’s a sign of Dailymotion becoming a more dominating presence on the video platform landscape or whether MCNs are just getting desperate to expand the perception of their value, Dailymotion has put its creators on notice that MCNs are coming to the space. We also have yet to determine if that is a warning to those creators.

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The notice, which specifically mentions Maker and Fullscreen (along with Believe Digital), reads: “Today we are excited to announce the launch of Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) on Dailymotion. This initiative brings existing MCNs and their vibrant talent to our Partner Program. It also allows new MCNs to join!”

The idea is that creators who are established on Dailymotion already can partner with MCNs of their choosing (if their channel is big enough, of course), and that the MCNs can bring their talent to Dailymotion so everybody wins. Of course, what the two companies forget is that most creators worth his or her salt, likely is already signed to an MCN and creating content on Dailymotion.

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Joshua Weidling from Digital Tour Bus said, “DTB is with Fullscreen, but we haven’t heard about any opportunities with Dailymotion’s new MCN program. My guess is the network is testing this with some of their largest creators first.” You raise an interesting point, Joshua … why haven’t the MCNs (Fullscreen at least) let ALL (if any) of their clients know about this opportunity?

Boyce Avenue – BUS INVADERS Ep. 714 by digitaltourbus
“DTB has already made strides independently to build a following and views on Dailymotion and has been actively uploading videos to the site since fall of 2013,” Joshua mentioned to NMR. And we’ve already covered his fantastic channel in which he interviews rockstars about their awesome and loaded (or bare bones) tour buses, so he seems to be doing fine without the presence of MCNs on DailyMotion. So then: what are MCNs really going to bring to the table that their creators haven’t already?

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I guess we’ll find out when Joshua and Digital Tour Bus do — whenever that may be.


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