Meghan Trainor Takes Over YouTube With All That Bass!

All About That Bass has been everywhere from radio to the web and back. With the recent addition of DJ Flula’s cover of the track we thought we’d share some of our favorite covers of the song.

You can’t talk about covers and not mention Postmodern Jukebox. These guys create some of the most unique musical renditions.

Tyler Ward decided to do his take, bringing a male perspective and some more body positive language to the song.

Meghan Tonjes gives the song the acoustic touch when she covered it for her Request Tuesday series.

Though technically a parody, we have to give props to Nerdist and Team Unicorn’s collaboration on the song.

The Sam Willows provided a drumless cover, opting to use their various footwear to provide the beat.

And there you have it! Is there a cover of All that Bass that you think we missed? Tell us about it in the comments down below!


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