Mind Meld With Spock About The Chair Controversy


The controversy surrounding STARZ reality filmmaking competition The Chair and its most famous participant YouTuber Shane Dawson has gotten so intense that it’s difficult to make sense of either side’s argument. People get emotional when their favorite creators are involved, and as we know emotion can cloud your judgment. That’s why the Draw My News team has tapped a professional to cut through the feels and lay down some cold hard logic. That’s right, baby, I’m talking about Mr. Spock.

To clarify, that’s classic Leonard Nimoy Spock, not that other guy. You probably wouldn’t want to ask young Spock to weigh in on this controversy since it was his own alter-ego, actor Zachary Quinto, who set the whole thing in motion to begin with. Quinto has been running his mouth on a number of topics recently including The Chair, a show on which he served as a producer and mentor. However, it seems like Quinto was more interested in kevetching than in teaching after he saw the show’s final products, a pair of films created by Shane Dawson and filmmaker Anna Martemucci. In a move decidedly lacking in Vulcan chillness, Quinto removed his name from the project and publicly criticized Dawson’s movie Not Cool.

Quinto’s comments struck a bad chord with fans of Shane and of The Chair and social media has been boiling over with comments ever since. If we’re all going to live long and prosper we need to move forward, so click play and let Spock put a Vulcan death grip on this debate.



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