Music Monday: Get Up and Move!


Everybody has that one song that makes them want to get out of their chairs and dance around the room (unless you’re dead inside in which case that’s cool, no judgment). Since it’s the Monday after a hectic holiday weekend, we thought we’d share some of our favorites to get our energy back up.

Jenni Powell

I remember the day I watched this video for the first time so very vividly. I was sitting at the kitchen counter of my future father-in-law’s vacation home in Lake Placid, NY (*insert alligator sighting jokes here*) and Neil McNeil had posted a link to it back when it still had under a couple thousand views. It was love at first click.

Not only did I fall in love with the video itself, it grew within me an even deeper love for the amazing Norwegian duo behind the song, Ylvis. From singing about Stonehenge to the most hilarious elevator prank I’ve ever seen, Ylvis has it all.

Logan Rapp

We’ve for a while talked about Daren Vongirdner, and by we, I mean “I told my staff to do that.” Because DVG is a straight up jam, and along with his covers, there’s his first single “Poster Child,” which more than anything is a statement of purpose.

Few rap tracks manage to straddle the line with braggadocio and exhorting listeners to carpe the diem (yes, that was an Out Cold reference, leave me alone) without seeming disingenuous, but DVG finds that balance (“Just be you, I promise that it works / I should be the poster child for positive things that work”), and with Meghan Tonjes’ featured vocals holding it all down, it’s the track you put in your earballs when you know you need to get your shit together.

Christine Linnell

I know we’ve all heard Lorde’s “Royals” approximately four billion times by now and we’re all supposed to be over her and/or making South Park episodes about her, but I honestly can’t muster up the cynicism for this one. The song’s just so freaking catchy – especially when it’s covered by a badass all-girl a cappella group. (No, Rachel Kiley did not pay me to say that.) Personally I’m not much of a get-up-and-dance person, unless I’m pretty drunk or alone in the house; but this viral version from the Florida State University AcaBelles inspires some serious foot-tapping. It’s one of those videos I go to when it’s the middle of a dull afternoon at work and I need something to perk me up. Kinda like now…

Jeff Klima

They say that your body moves involuntarily at 140 beats per minute — that you actually have a pleasant subconscious physical response to anything above that speed. Even though I’m a junkie for techno, it didn’t seem right to manipulate you into moving against your will through fast-paced music.

I also love country music and jazz — but those are pretty niche targets, so, with this week’s stated goal of playing “music that makes you move,” I needed something catchy and yet appealing to a large demographic. Also it had the restriction of being only from a YouTuber — which significantly narrowed for me the list of possibilities. Although the topic is music that makes ME move, I thought it would be fun to attempt to get you moving your ass as well. And for that, there is only one song: Scott & Brendo’s “Kitten Air.”

Don’t thank me — just dance your ass off and then send me some money.

Sara Parra

Watsky seems like an easy go-to for songs that make you want to move your body as much as possible, but this isn’t about getting just your body to move. Woah, Woah, Woah makes me want to move in life.

It’s a song that makes me want to work harder, faster, and smarter and get some of those goals in my goddamn life done.

I mean if you look at Watsky himself, he originally was just the white kid who could rap really fast, and now look at the success he’s become today. I put on Woah, Woah, Woah when I need to put my nose to grindstone and get shit done.


What YouTube songs are getting you in motion this week? Let us know in the comments!

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