Music Monday: Tribute Bands!

The only thing better than listening to the music of your favorite band is playing their music yourself — or, if you’re musically inept like us, finding a great tribute band play their music for you. Here are a few musical groups putting a fresh spin on old classics.

Rachel Kiley

I grew up with parents who listened to nothing but hymns and religious Christmas music, so when I first started taking control of the music I listened to and heard the A*Teens, I had no idea they were an ABBA tribute group, let alone wtf ABBA was.

Which I suppose just goes to prove that ABBA’s music is truly timeless. I didn’t actually hear any of it as sung by them until I was in college, so I’m still hardcore an A*Teens fan over ABBA, and probably always will be. (Yeahhh, I saw them in concert, suck it.)

A*Teens did eventually split from their ABBA roots and sing their own music, and while some songs were much more successful than others, I suppose that was ultimately at least partly their downfall. But they will always live on in our hearts. And our iTunes. Also, they’re still alive and whatnot. So, there’s that.

Jeff Klima

When I think of tribute bands, I only think of Little Kiss, the all-dwarf rock band who plays Kiss songs in full makeup. Hell, they were even featured in a Dr Pepper video. But they don’t have a YouTube page (join the 21st century, lil’ people!). So with them not being an option, I have to get all snarky about shit and choose the Ohio State Marching Band who has become HUGE on YouTube thanks to their tributes to various entities and enterprises. Sometimes they just do concept tributes — like their open-ended tribute to “rock” or “gaming.” Sometimes they do more focused pieces like the video embedded above, which celebrates the marching band’s take on Michael Jackson. While the performer might have been controversial, there is no question he left behind a legacy of “Thriller” songs (eh? eh?).

Also, I hear their tribute to Pink Floyd is great when you sync it up to their tribute to “The Wizard of Oz.”

Evan DeSimone

In this world there are only two kinds of people, those who love Ace of Bass, and those who are lying. I am no liar my friends. Ace of Bass is the pinnacle of 90’s pop achievement and I will hear no argument on the subject. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce what will inevitably be the greatest cover bands of the modern era: A*Base.

Think of A*Base as the A*Teens to Ace of Bass’ ABBA. (If you need more info about A*Teens, see above for my colleague and fellow pop music scholar Rachel Kiley.) If you think that sounds like ridiculous good fun then just think how much you’re going to love it when a bunch of fresh faced teens start belting out an even more uptempo rendition of “The Sign.” It’s going to be epic, as you can tell from the video above. One can only hope they’ll be recreating the music videos too. I for one think the world needs an update to the masterpiece that is the “Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry” video.

Christine Linnell

Lez Zeppelin. You get the idea – they’re like Led Zeppelin, but with all women. Can they rock out as hard as the originals? Well, I’m no expert, but I think so. Certainly harder than 99% of you guys. (YEAH I SAID IT.)

Sara Parra

I’ll be honest, when someone said tribute bands I drew a complete blank. I knew of exactly two tribute bands, the first being the aforementioned A*Base and the other is Mini-Kiss. While I love Mini-Kiss, they sadly don’t have many videos on YouTube, and so I set off on my search for a tribute band worthy of replacing them.

Ladies and gentlemen I present: Beatallica.

Yes, you read that right. These guys are a Beatles cover band who chose to change ‘While my Guitar Gently Weeps’ to ‘While my Guitar Deathly Creeps’. While it’s not the most clever name change in their repertoire, it still rocks. Did I mention they have costumes? As in their heavy metal version of Sgt. Pepper costumes? Because they do, and you should totally watch the video above to get a look at them.


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