Never Miss A Vine From Your Favorite Viner Again

Do you worry about missing a post from your favorite Viner? Are you losing sleep because you sit awake at night, afraid to sleep for fear that the most important Vine of our time could slip through your feed, unnoticed? Are you obsessed, like literally obsessed, with not missing a single update on Vine? Well then you should get some help with that because you seem like you have a real problem. Talk to someone. I’m worried about you. However, if you’re just low key into Vine and want to make sure you keep track of your faves then the latest update to the app, which dropped today, has you covered.


Vine’s engineers have added a valuable new feature that’s bound to delight Vine obsessives. You can now star your favorite creators to receive notifications whenever they post a new Vine. No more scrolling up and down to make absolutely certain you haven’t missed a thing. Just tap the star on your friends and favorites and then relax and wait for those push notifications to roll in.

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