New Deal Will Let You Stream Anything Disney Anywhere


Millennials are obsessed with Disney. That’s pretty understandable considering that Disney owns basically everything there is to be obsessed with. Princesses? Check. Muppets? Check? Marvel Comics? Check. Pixar? Star Wars? Maker Studios? Check, check, check. The only thing that millennials love more than Disney is streaming video. Thanks to a new deal with Google, the Mouse will be meeting its biggest fans where they live, making their movies available anywhere and anytime through Google Play.

The metaphorical Disney vault now contains a huge chunk of the pop culture universe and the media giant is getting really good at knowing when and how to dole it out to their eager fans. For years the Mouse’s media empire has drummed up demand for its classic animated movies by first making them scarce. The company takes favorites like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King off the shelves for years or even decades at the time and then releases remastered, extended, or otherwise improved versions that sell millions of copies in a matter of weeks, but in the age of on demand entertainment that strategy is becoming extinct.

The company introduced their app, “Disney Movies Anywhere” back in February and the new deal with Google will allow users to link the app with Google Play, making it easier to access and play your existing Disney library. In the age of instant entertainment scarcity is no longer desirable or even achievable. If you take your movies off the market there’s always a sketchy torrent site that can give fans what they want. Instead Disney is going all in by making their library easily accessible and streamable. Isn’t the future great?

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