New Oxygen Reality Show Will Star StyleHaul Beauty Vloggers


Oxygen, the female focused member of the NBC Universal family of networks is diving into the world of new media with an upcoming reality series. The network is teaming up with StyleHaul, the recently acquired beauty and lifestyle MCN, to expand its reach with young women. The first product of that partnership will be a “Survival of the Clickiest” a documentary drama focusing on a group of young beauty and style vloggers from StyleHaul’s extensive network.



The show will focus on the work and hustle required to survive and thrive in the increasingly competitive world of style vloggers. It’s a rare behind the scenes look at what it takes to make it in the current era of YouTube. Vloggers may share a big piece of their lives with their audience, inviting us into their homes day after day, but what we often don’t see is the work that goes into being a professional YouTube creator. That’s what “Survival of The Clickiest” aims to reveal.


There’s no word on an official cast list yet, but given the depth of StyleHaul’s talent roster it should be fun to speculate. The network has cornered the market on beauty gurus with international sensations like UK based Zoella, Tanya Burr, and Fleur De Force, and New Zealander Shaanxo, but it also boasts cross genre superstars like iJustine and Strawburry17. The proposed series is female centric, but that doesn’t rule out appearances by some of the network’s ultra popular male creators. Creators like vlogger and style aficionado Jim Chapman and internet personality Joey Graceffa are also signed to StyleHaul and both creators have strong ties to the millennial female fanbase Oxygen is aiming for.


Right now the show is still in the early stages of development, but everything from casting, to location, to format are still up in the air. However, should the exciting though unfortunately titled pilot make its way to series it will occupy a half-hour block on Oxygen starting in the Fall of 2015.


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