#News Has Everything You Need To Know


At NMR we pride ourselves on bringing you the breaking news about social media and the superstars of the digital world. If it involves Jenna Marbles or the perfect Vine then I guarantee we’re on it. However, as it it turns out there are a bunch of things happening in the world that don’t directly concern our favorite online Rockstars. We live in a constant internet bubble of awesomeness, but the rest of you out there probably need to know a thing or two about what’s going on in the world. Fortunately for us, NMR’s latest show #News has you covered with a weekly download of everything that’s going on on the web and off of it.

Gabe Hohreiter has the details on everything that happened this week in news and he’s going to bring it to you fresh no matter what the rest of his crew do to stop him. That’s good news for you since, if it were up to me all you’d know is that President Obama landed a space probe on Kim Kardashian’s butt and then someone took an Ocho of it leading to net neutrality?…wait…that’s not quite right. Aren’t you happy you have Gabe? Now you never have to go outside again. You can thank me later.

Do you feel caught up? Well informed? Ready to dazzle your friends at a party with your keen grasp of current events? Good, just remember that you owe it all to me…and #News I guess…but mostly me.


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