NMR Will Now Rock Fresh Content On The Weekends

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Even though we live in a 24/7 news cycle, we still pretend most of the time like news doesn’t happen on the weekends. Usually Monday will be a glut of news from Friday night or Saturday. It’s like we can’t let go of the old media ways. Well, NMR is making the most of the weekends now!

You’re not just a Monday-Friday nerd, you’re a nerd seven days a week! You’re always at your computer hunting for fresh, fun and interesting content. No running, kayaking or life-enriching physical activities for you — and NMR gets that. F**k the sun. Why would you look at the actual sun and risk blindness or melanoma when you can just stay in your dark room and look at pictures of the sun, taken by telescopes that can see it a million times better than you? Or you can go to Wikipedia and get the aggregate of human knowledge about that big ball of fire in the sky!

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Well, that is how NMR wants to be for new media! So we’re expanding to Saturdays AND Sundays. If it happens on the weekend, we’ll try our damnedest to report it on the weekend.

We’ll also be bringing you fun, oddball content — stuff we might not normally report on. So not only will there be weekend content, the weekend content will have a sort of “anything goes!” mindset. And a lot more regular features too!

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We’re going to start crazy and build from there — we’ll be trying a lot of radical ideas out to see if they work. It’s going to be like NMR Beta.

So when you wake up on Saturday mornings from now on, don’t turn on the cartoons, turn on NewMediaRockstars. Also, don’t go to church until you see what we have to say first.


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