No Fashion Fails Detected At AwesomnessTV’s New Store


You may recall that AwesomenessTV recently opened their first brick and mortar store in West Hollywood and stocked it with Awesomeness merch and exclusive YouTuber couture designed by some of their most popular creators. Sounds crazy right? A physical location where you would actually go to shop! Madness. Still Awesomeness is convinced that the same powerful bond that teen fans have formed with online creators will bring them out to the first-of-its-kind store to shop until they drop and socialize with fellow fans.

New Media Rockstars’ top interviewer Graham Kurtz was on the scene to find out exactly how this miracle of modern shopping would work. Graham is an experienced fashionista so we knew that setting him down in the midst of the latest YouTube-centric styles would be the best way to get a handle on the latest trends. Click play to get a first-hand look at the launch of AwesomenessTV’s new store and some style tips from their roster of fashion icon digital stars.


While the lovely and always stylish Teala Dunn didn’t seem down with Graham’s bold fashion choices, no less an authority on swag than Sawyer Hartman seemed to be on board. I’d call that a victory. Personally I’ll be taking a tip for Alli Simpson by making comfort my watchword…that means never changing out of my PJs, right?


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