Noted Historian Justin Bieber Explains Thanksgiving


Money, fame, a severe personality disorder, Justin Bieber pretty much has it all. Unfortunately, there’s one thing that the Canadian born pop-monster can’t have: the joy of an American Thanksgiving. We have it on good authority that the Biebs craves the simple joys of turkey and stuffing. Why do you think he’s so gung-ho about getting back together with Selena? He’s in it for that sweet, sweet green card my friends. That’s why it’s only too perfect that the Draw My News gang has enlisted Bieber to explain the history of Thanksgiving. There’s no zealot like a convert and Bieber’s passion for Turkey-day can’t be rivaled.

Over the years Justin has taught the youth of America many important lessons: Why we shouldn’t drink and drive in Miami without first bribing the police department! How to make a toilet out of a common household mop bucket! He’s a regular Mr. Wizard teaching is valuable life lessons and every turn, so it’s only natural that we’d want him to unpack the mysteries of Thanksgiving. Go ahead and check it out.



Now that you’ve had your daily history lesson feel free to kick back and enjoy the Holiday. Be sure to eat literally everything in sight and leave the Thanksgiving table a smoldering ruin of excess and destruction just like Justin would want.


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