Olan Rogers: The Storyteller You Need To Follow ASAP

If you need a story to lighten your day then look no further than Olan Rogers, storyteller extraordinaire and a pretty darn good actor to boot!

If you’re not familiar with Rogers’ channel, it’s easy to get a little lost. However, fear not! Here’s a comprehensive guide of videos you should absolutely watch before trying to binge on every video on the page.

Ghost in the Stalls is easily one of Rogers’ most popular videos and for a damn good reason. Give it a listen:

Ever moon someone through a wireless printer? Well, Rogers did and it spiraled a tad out a control.

But Rogers doesn’t just stick to vlogging and telling stories, he’s also created an amazing Star Wars short called The Scarlet Lance:

He also just started his new series, Rollin’ with Olan in which he cuts together excerpts of himself and his close friend Jake Sidwell driving:

Rogers also recently successfully launched a brick-and-mortar soda parlor in Nashville, Tennessee to house his apparel line. Sidwell uploaded this vlog showing off the parlor:

Bonus video because it’s my favorite:


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