PBS Is Crashing The Green Brothers’ Crash Course Party


The Green Brothers aren’t going to rest until they’ve filled our heads with literally all of the knowledge available. Hank and John, better known as the Vlogbrothers, or as “the guys who run Vidcon,” or “the guy who wrote The Fault In Our Stars” and the dude who made “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” or any number of other impressive internet accomplishments have inked a new deal with PBS Digital Studios. The deal will see the Green Bothers overseeing two brand new editions of their popular educational YouTube series Crash Course.

The original Crash Course featured lessons from Hank and John on a wide range of topics including history, literature, biology, and chemistry. The series racked up over 2.3 million subscribers with an approach that appealed to both younger students and the curious of all ages. The two new PBS-sponsored series will focus on Astronomy and the U.S. Government.


Previous versions of Crash Course have mostly relied on Hank and John’s personal interests and academic backgrounds for content, but both new series will feature new hosts adding different areas of expertise to the mix. The Crash Course: Astronomy will be hosted by astronomer Phil Plait, the author of Slate’s “Bad Astronomy” blog. The U.S. Government edition will be hosted by a familiar face, YouTube’s own Craig Benzine, better known as WheezyWaiter.

The Greens have a proven knack for reaching younger audiences with fun and informative content. Hank Green’s Sci-Show recently earned itself some well-deserved promo from the YouTube mothership, and PBS Digital has an equally impressive track record for backing innovative online programming. The combination is pretty much unbeatable.Will our future astronauts and senators be thanking Hank and John Green for giving them their start? We wouldn’t be remotely surprised.


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