Pewdiepie Is Loving The No-Comments Life


Pewdiepie is the biggest thing on YouTube so when Felix Kjellberg does something we all stop and pay attention. That was definitely the case when the most subscribed man on YouTube decided to deactivate comments on his videos once and for all. At the time Pewds cited the famously toxic tone of YouTube comments as the reason for his decision, noting that he didn’t feel like he was able to connect with his genuine fans through comments, only with trolls. He maintained that that was still the case even when he resurrected comments in a limited form last month by steering the to his personal website forums.

Now, nearly two months after he initially dropped and then severely curtailed comments Felix has dropped a new video to let all of his 31 million plus fans know just how happy he is with the decision. In the video titled “31,973,288 Subscribers” Felix discusses his feelings of gratitude for his massive fanbase despite the difficulty that it occasionally causes him. He also directly addresses comments noting that he feels far more connected to his fanbase of “bros” now that he has redirected their comments to his personal website, a move that allows him to both weed out hostile commenters and, it should be noted, take greater ownership of the audience that he must currently share with YouTube.



Some saw Pewdiepie’s decision to drop comments as a test case for the future of the feature. Despite efforts by YouTube to curb the venomous stew of inane or hateful comments that form under many videos the platform has had little luck reigning in the commentariat. A slew of new comment management tools as well as the vaunted integration of Google+ have done little to change YouTube’s comment culture. Thus far, despite many creators voicing their frustration with YouTube’s oldest social feature, we haven’t seen the mass exodus from comments that some have predicted. Still, that could change now that Pewdiepie has given an all smiles review of the comment free life.

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